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10 Best Sri Lankan Craft Stores On Instagram

Updated: Jun 22

There's now a plethora of Sri Lankan craft businesses on Instagram that offer various products ranging from greeting cards, scrapbooks, and explosion boxes to customized resin crafts, shadow boxes, string arts, and more. Because of this, it can be tough for new small business that deserve recognition to get noticed among the masses.

So I've taken it upon myself to list down 10 of the best Sri Lankan craft stores I've come across on Instagram as well as some recommended to me by fellow Instalings and Redditers.

Before we get started, please note that the following list does not represent any specific rating order, I merely listed down stores whenever I discovered them.

1. Cardanza @cardanza_

I came across this account pretty recently and I love it! Cardanza mainly offers scrapbooks, memory boxes, and explosion boxes. What I noticed was that they've given a lot of attention to detail, so much so that they've reached perfection in the final product. From the colors and material used to the appearance and quality achieved, their stuff is amazing. Trust me, I am not exaggerating. You can check them out yourself!

2. HUGS @hugs_lk

HUGS specializes in birthday greeting cards. I was really surprised to see that they've got some super Pinterest-worthy stuff to offer. What caught my eye in this store was the range of pop up style cards with professionally cute drawings (yes, I said professionally cute because that's the only way I could think of describing it. The art was really cute but also clean and elegant at same time) they had on display. Oh, and they don't curry favor cutesy things; you can get some dang creepy cards made as well. So if you'd like a custom greeting card done for just about anybody's birthday, HUGS is the store to drop by!

3. Uniqorn @uniqorn.lk

First off, it's uniqorn, not unicorn. Second, will you just look at those crafts? They've got so much going on and I, for sure, would have loads of fun opening one of those scrapbooks up! The Uniqorn Crafts Store can be seen to focus more on explosion boxes, scrapbooks, and shadow boxes. So if you want to keep your clingy lover busy, get him/her one of these. That'll keep them off your back for a good 10 minutes. 10 minutes is a lot of time, if you ask me. You could totally bake some coin biscuits if you're quick enough. I'm, just kidding! But lo and behold, I've successfully veered off topic as usual. Thank you, next.

4. Shining Petals @shining_petals.lk

Shining Petals is a store that specializes in resin art earrings. I simply LOVE all the vibrant designs I've seen in there. At first, I was apprehensive about the use of wild flowers in resin since I've heard they lose color and turn a shade of ugly brown after a while, but when I inquired about it, the creator readily answered with the simple solution she uses. So if you're looking for some trendy earrings to go with any kind bold outfit you've got in mind, Shining Petals is the door to knock on.

5. The Gift Spot @thegiftspot.lk

Upon visiting The Gift Spots profile you will see a lot of Vintage style crafts done by them. I myself love the khaki shades, twine threads, and massive flowers used throughout. Mixing and matching colors is not an easy feat when you choose to stick to a specific theme like vintage designs. But it's evident that this creator has an eye for it. Hence, if you're not one for bright highlighter colors and prefer a more cozy feel, this is the spot to go to.

6. TwoPods @twopodslk

Most of the resin art craft stores I came across were more focused on various resin jewellery and other ornaments, but this store specializes in coasters and trays. At first, I thought TwoPods was reselling crafts because they look just too good, but upon further inspection I found out that all their products are handmade by them. You can check out their stories to get a glimpse of the production process, which is what contradicted my initial assumption. Take a look at the elegant designs they've got to offer below; I'm sure you'd want to get your hands on a matching set.

7. Crafteey @crafteey__

There are a good deal of Sri Lankan dream-catcher stores on Instagram and it was rather tough to pick just one to add to this list. But after much consideration I felt that Crafteey deserved a spot. They've got dream-catchers of various designs and really bright colors that standout but also ones with pastel colors. If you want a pretty dream-catcher with an intricate crochet design and loads of fluffy feathers, visit the Crafteey store.

8. Fabshopie.lk @fabshopieby_anju

And here we have a scrunchie store! I can still remember the scrunchie craze that took over the world maybe a couple of years ago. Though I was never much of a fashionista, I too succumbed to the trend for a few days. Yep, a few days was all I could sacrifice. In my defense, those scrunchies were super ugly. But now that I'm on the Fabshopie.lk page, I'm contemplating if it's time for me to try it out again. They offer a wide range of scrunchies made of different materials and a plethora of styles like the hair scarf, bow tie, sia tail, bunny ears, and more. And unlike most stores that usually offer the same patterns, Fabshopie gives us an assortment of lace, polka dot, floral, and mixed patterns. I personally love their super cute headbands and Sia tail scrunchies! Do check them out!

9. The Stringart Studio @stringart.lk

How could I possibly leave out string art crafts? The Stringart Studio consists of a team of crafters that come up with a wide variety of string crafts ranging from super simple designs to really elaborate ones. The reason why I picked this store out of the many options I had was that they take things to a whole other level with their string art portraits. Initially I didn't believe they we portraits actually done using string art; I thought those images were made using some photo editor app and posted for aesthetics. But when I asked about it, they said they did indeed make those portraits themselves! Simply mind blown. Let me leave it at that. Mind. Blown.

10. The Knack @the__knack

The Knack gives off a very funky fun vibe with their products. They mostly offer string art, tag boards, and acrylic paintings. The little wood-block wall-arts they've got are pretty much an aesthetic trend these days so I know for sure that my readers would love having them as well. Even though it's called wall-art, I think it would even look really great just sitting on a shelf. So if you're planning on redecorating your bedroom, designing a backdrop for social media content, or simply hiking up the aesthetic vibe around, I'd suggest paying The Knack a visit.

Phew, I'm done! To tell you I had a tough time picking out 10 stores would be an understatement. I have never procrastinated on any of my other blog posts as much as I did on this one. It must have been because there were loads of more stores that were eligible and it was just too hard to pick. But I've finally done it. I'm sure I might have missed out on a lot of other exceptional Sri Lankan craft stores on Instagram. If so, do mention them in the comments and maybe I'll make another post for them!

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