• Nilni Kamburugamuwa

11 Awesome Scrapbook Card Ideas

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Scrapbooks are a fun crafty puzzle to make. The more gadgets your pages have, the more interesting its revelation is. Here are a few card ideas that you can add to your scrapbooks/explosion boxes.

1. Diagonal fold

This card is pretty simple to make because all you need for it is an A4 sized paper/board. You can fold it into three parts and then give the sections at either end a diagonal fold.

Check this pictorial on How To Make A Diagonal Fold Card

2. Flower envelope

This card requires a bit more work with rulers and compasses. You can't really write much inside but it's super cute! Just beware if you're planning on including this in a card to your boyfriend cuz there's a chance he might not realize that you can actually open the flower...Yep! I'm totally speaking from experience.

3. Waterfall

The waterfall card can be a bit tricky, and at times annoying, to make. But the end result is rewarding.

4. Napkin fold

This is a cool gadgety looking card. It's not that tough to make, but it requires some folding skills.

5. Heart slider

The heart slider is easy to make and a cute item to add. Check out How To Make A Heart Slider Car

6. Twist and fold

Here's another card that needs a minimal number of materials to make. In fact, you only need a square shaped paper/card for it.

7. Star fold

This looks a bit complicated doesn't it? But trust me its much easier than most of the cards mentioned above!

8. Maze

Voila! The seemingly endless pit.