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11 Awesome Scrapbook Card Ideas

Updated: Jun 16

Scrapbooks are a fun crafty puzzle to make. The more gadgets your pages have, the more interesting its revelation is. Here are a few card ideas that you can add to your scrapbooks/explosion boxes.

1. Diagonal fold

This card is pretty simple to make because all you need for it is an A4 sized paper/board. You can fold it into three parts and then give the sections at either end a diagonal fold.

Check this pictorial on How To Make A Diagonal Fold Card

2. Flower envelope

This card requires a bit more work with rulers and compasses. You can't really write much inside but it's super cute! Just beware if you're planning on including this in a card to your boyfriend cuz there's a chance he might not realize that you can actually open the flower...Yep! I'm totally speaking from experience.

3. Waterfall

The waterfall card can be a bit tricky, and at times annoying, to make. But the end result is rewarding.

4. Napkin fold

This is a cool gadgety looking card. It's not that tough to make, but it requires some folding skills.

5. Heart slider

The heart slider is easy to make and a cute item to add. Check out How To Make A Heart Slider Car

6. Twist and fold

Here's another card that needs a minimal number of materials to make. In fact, you only need a square shaped paper/card for it.

7. Star fold

This looks a bit complicated doesn't it? But trust me its much easier than most of the cards mentioned above!

8. Maze

Voila! The seemingly endless pit.

9. Squash

The squash card reminds me of an accordion (that musical instrument that you carry on your hands and pump air into while playing)?

10. Heart pop

I love this!! Isn't it just cute as heck?

Want to learn how to make it? Click here

11. Circle envelope

This is sort of like the flower envelope but not that complicated.

Pretty cool, huh? Want to know how to make them? Well then, stay in touch with my blog posts because I will be showing you how to make each one of these cards with step by step tutorials!

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