• Nilni Kamburugamuwa

15 Most Essential Craft Supplies

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Crafting is one of the best hobbies anyone can have. The feeling of making something for someone you love by your own hands is just amazing. So if you're planning on trying it out yourself, I'm here to help you figure out what you need to get started with pretty much any DIY project. You can also follow the affiliate links I have listed below to purchase these products through Amazon.

1. Colored Paper

This is the most frequently used craft supply. You can even call it the base.

2. Newspaper

Newspapers are a great substitute for patterned papers. You can use them for scrapbooks, backdrops, or even gift-wrapping.

3. Scissors or box cutters

Well, duh.

4. Glue

Most commonly there's the clear glue and the thick white Chemifix. I personally prefer Chemifix since it doesn't blot papers as much as the clear one does and sticks better. It's also more satisfying to peel off Chemifix skins!

5. Pencils

I love starting anything off with pencils rather than getting into it with a pen. Its easier to save your work if you make mistakes with pencils. I'm talking about 'erasing', if you hadn't already noticed.

6. Color pencils, crayons or felt pens

7. Ruler

Rulers are not just for drawing straight lines and measuring, you can also use it to crease paper/cardboard to get a neater fold.