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3 Ingredient Butter Cookies! My favorite Recipe

Updated: Jun 16

In one of my previous posts I told you I'd be giving out my butter cookie recipe. So here I am!

You only need 3 ingredients for it and it's super easy to make.


♦ Butter - 100g or ½ cups

♦ Powdered Sugar / Granulated Sugar - 50g or ½ cups

♦ Flour - 200g or 1⅔ cups

You can use margarine as a substitute for butter, but the cookies would taste better with butter!


1. Beat the butter until it smooths into a fluffy texture.

2. Add the sugar and beat once again. I have opted for granulated sugar since my mom loves the crunchy texture it gives the cookies. I personally prefer powdered sugar though :)

3. Mix in the flour.

**Extra step: Add a tablespoon of milk powder to make your cookies taste milkier.

4. Knead the mixture until the flour is well incorporated, and you get a smooth ball of cookie dough.

5. Break off pieces of the dough and roll them into small balls depending on the size you want your cookies to be.

6. Then, press down on them with your palm to create disc shaped cookies. You can even press on them with a fork to create a pattern.

7. Bake them for 12 to 15 minutes in a preheated oven of 320°F (160°C). If you don't have an oven you can try heating up a large pot/pan on your stove, place a metal stand inside, lay a metal dish over it with the cookies on it, cover it with a lid, and let it bake.

Your butter cookies are done! I have sifted a bit of powdered sugar over them to make them look pretty :)

Here's a batch with the fork pattern!

You can also use cookie cutters to get different and exciting looking goodies. Here's a great heart-shaped cookie cutter set I found on Amazon:

Butter cookies are really, really simple to make! And once you get used to the recipe, you can get them done just in time for tea :)

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