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8 Famous Celebrities Who Like To Craft

It appears that you can never be too popular to craft. Showing off your athletic, singing, or acting abilities is certainly not the only way to be creative. After reading this article, you'll be surprised at how many renowned celebrities are into crafting. We forget that they, like any other person, have hobbies and routines, so discovering that they share our interests is a pleasant surprise. Continue reading to see our cast of 8 celebrities, that includes actors, supermodels, royals, and even a tennis player, who like to craft.

1. Taylor Swift

How can I not include this super enthusiastic cat-lover to the list? Taylor Swift is a self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfer. In fact she has admitted to being into crafting since she was a little kid. In the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon she talked about how she was working on putting together a doll house with a hot glue gun and accidentally dropped a fat dollop of hot glue onto her thigh! Apparently, she still has the scar. Moving on from her childhood, she still indulges in various craft activities like the embroidery she created for Ed Sheeran, and other artistic crafts like snow-globes and Christmas cards. She's a wonderful follow throughout the holidays.

2. Cara Delevingne

Knitting is the BOMB!

This season's hottest supermodel Cara Delevingne reveals that she is more than just a lovely face by knitting backstage during a fashion event. She uploaded a photo of herself knitting an orange thing (a beanie?) with the caption "Knitting is the BOMB!". Knitting is widely accepted as a means of stress relief and collecting your thoughts. I've also seen it portrayed in Kdramas like in Start Up starring Nam Joo Hyuk. Aye, fan-girl moment! I fell in love with his intellectual-white-hat-hacker vibe. Anyways, moving on. Not to mention Delevingne's delightfully dizzying home in Los Angeles, which features a ball pit, costume room, and other eccentric gems.

3. David Beckham

David Beckham, a proud father, is not only gifted with his football skills, but also with his handcrafts! Wife Victoria Beckham shared a photo of him stitching doll outfits for Harper, and it's adorable! Also, when he was traveling to Miami, David Beckham uploaded charming images of himself and his three children, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, enjoying an arts and crafts day on Instagram.

4. Kate Middleton

During a visit to Evelina London Children's Hospital, Kate Middleton showed off her artistic side to royal admirers. She found out more about the National Portrait Gallery's creative arts programs at the hospital once she was inside. Kate assisted the youngsters in creating sets and characters for their pop-up theater during the session and seemed to be very serious about it! She also chatted with the families and posed for shots to help them practice their photography talents.

5. Martina Navratilova

Tabletop shining nicely, no varnish:)

Martina Navratilova is a famous tennis player from the Czech Republic. Navratilova's interests are diverse and extend far beyond tennis, which she dominated for many years. In an interview with Medium, she explained that she got into woodworking because she wanted to be an architect or a constructor. She stated that she had previously made some tables and you can see a couple of them on her Twitter account.

6. Emma Watson

I always find it difficult to impress on people what ‘handmade’ really means. To make a simple garment they have to produce the yarn, hand-dye the yarn, get it onto the loom, then weave the fabric, cut it to the pattern, sew it into the garment and then embroider it – all by hand.

Emma Watson, typically known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, is not just interested in sewing and fashion, but also advocates for clothing that is manufactured responsibly and has a low environmental impact. She dedicated her entire outfit to the Green Carpet Challenge, which raises awareness of the ethical issues surrounding our clothing, in the run-up to the release of her film Regression. While touring Swallows, a Fair Trade partner sewing factory in Bangladesh, Watson was also photographed behind a sewing machine.

7. Kylie Jenner

Oh, that's cute, mother!

Kylie Jenner's adorable YouTube video shows her and her daughter Stormi crafting Halloween cookies. In a video for Kylie's YouTube channel, the mother-daughter combo prepared some terrifyingly cute sugar sweets. The film was a sort of follow-up to their Christmas cookies movie from last year, and they dressed up in matching pajamas to teach us all how to properly enjoy Halloween. However, the loveliest moment occurred when Kylie told Stormi how much she enjoys baking with her, to which Stormi replied, "Oh, that's cute, mother!" By the end, the two had a batch of scrumptious cookies that Stormi promisingly decorated with sprinkles, which is exactly how cookies should be decorated, don't you think?

8. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp (my personal favorite as Jack Sparrow) is not only a superb actor and musician, but he is also a gifted painter. Depp's approach is fluid, but he appears to like painting one-of-a-kind and weirdly emotive pictures of celebrities ranging from Jack Kerouac to Marlon Brando. Shown above is a painting he finally finished after around 14 years; talk about extreme painters-block!

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