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DIY Halloween Craft Kits For Kids

I'm really bad at coming up with titles for my posts, aren't I? Okay, moving on.

Halloween is almost here and I'm sure a lot of kids and fellow craft heads are super excited for it. What's not to be excited about Halloween costumes, decorations, movies, and treats?! Unfortunately, this years celebration might not be as eventful as the ones pre-covid.

Now, if you're one of those people who are planning to invite others over for Halloween booze parties and what not, just please don't. Don't try to get your friends killed. There are so many other things you can do to celebrate Halloween. Name a few? Well...I don't know man, watch some movies, read about real horror stories (this freaks me out, especially after watching a movie based on it), use an Ouija board to summon demons and get possessed (I'm just kidding, don't do that), do some DIY, decorate your house, try some Halloween baking, etc.

What I wanted to say was to try to do something different, adapt to the situation, and help your kids do the same (if you have kids that is). Most children these days are surely exhausted and brain-fried due to their zoom classes and what not, so it's always better for them to get an interactive hands-on experience to refresh their minds rather than continuing to stare at the screens of their iPhones and iPads all day long. I'll use this as an opening to get into the topic I wanted to talk about today: DIY Halloween Craft Kits For Kids. God bless my tongue.

Halloween Craft Kits

Listed below are a range of craft kits available on Amazon that you can use to keep your kids busy for Halloween.

Pumpkin Decorating DIY Craft Kit

Includes 10 tattoo stickers, 1 witch hat foam sticker, 1 rainbow-color unicorn corn, 3 monster feathers, 7 wiggle eyes, 15 foam decoration stickers, 8 character foam stickers, 10 pipe cleaner, 3 brushes, and 10 paints with 7 different colors.

8 Pack Popsicle Halloween Monster Kit

Includes 8 different monster styles (pumpkin lantern, ghost, Frankenstein, demon, multi-eyed monster, one-eyed monster, scarecrow, and a big mouth monster) with decorative eyes, double-sided tape, self-adhesive foam sheet, pre-cut paper and colored wooden sticks.

Monster Fuse Bead Kit

3000 piece holiday fuse bead kit - includes 8 key chains, 4 peg boards, 2 tweezers, ironing paper, and a carrying case.

60 PCS Unfinished Wooden Hanging Ornaments

Includes 6 styles of wooden ornaments (witch, boo, bat, pumpkin, spider, and tombstone). Contains 10pcs of each style, 60pcs in total. Also includes 60pcs of ropes for hanging and 12 color pens.

Fairy Lantern Craft Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to make TWO Fairy Lantern Kits. 2 Complete Mason Jars, 2 Lights (2 AAA batteries per lantern NOT included), and all crafting supplies necessary to finish 2 Lanterns.

Pumpkin Coloring Kit

Includes foam stickers, glitter stickers, unicorn horn, 3 puffy charms, 3 sheets of temporary tattoos, 4 googly eyes, 12 pipe cleaners, 5 fabric flowers, 6 paint tubes, and 3 brushes.

DIY Halloween Foam Masks

Pack contains 8 unique designs (skull, zombie, mummy, witch, Dracula, pumpkin, werewolf, pirate, and Frankenstein). Foam pieces come with double-sided tape. Elastic for all masks included.

Halloween Themed Scratch Cards

Includes 72 scratch cards with 18 cute designs such as pumpkin, bat, skull, spider, monster, cat, and a lot more.

Jack O' Lantern Sign DIY

Includes 4 unfinished wood pumpkin cutouts, 4 foam berries in 2 colors, 4 pine cones, 4 artificial sunflowers heads, 4 foam acorns, 8 oak leaves, 100 fall pom-poms, 4 natural raffia bows, 4 fall satin cords, 1 set of acrylic paint, 1 piece of palette, 1 sheet of rhinestone stickers, 1 masking tape, and 4 adhesive hooks.

Autumn Bulletin Board Set

Includes 1 fall felt tree board, 70 detachable fall leaf ornaments in assorted autumn leave cutouts and sizes, 5 detachable pumpkin squash ornaments, 4 detachable sunflower ornaments, 2 detachable sunflower ornaments, 1 marker in black, 1 masking tape roll, and 3 adhesive wall hooks for easy hanging.

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