• Nilni Kamburugamuwa

Halloween Monster Ornaments From Yogurt Spoons

Hello there! This Halloween I've decided to make some monster ornaments to hang around my room as an invitation to all kinds of creatures of the dark.

My ambition is to become a bookstore witch. You know, like an old crone that lives in a super shady bookstore with her cat? One where you see a bunch of ancient dream-catchers on the window and a bell tinkles when you enter? You're greeted with the musty smell of decaying wood and old books. It's a dark room that's lit with the orange glow of a sorry-looking bulb that switches on when you pull its string. There's no one to be seen but a grumpy fat cat grooming at the counter, not a single bit afraid of your presence. Oh, she couldn't care less of your puny rear. There's a call bell at the counter which you press on, but no one appears. So you decide to gather up your courage and slither past Mrs. Whiskers, and venture deeper into the store. Your eyes adjust to the darkness and you start noticing the odd talismans hanging all around. Different kinds of dried herbs and bat wings lay in stacks of trays. You look past all of it and see the entrance to a back room. There's no door, but it's covered up with a worn out rag that seems to block out even the slightest hint of light. And suddenly you start hearing whispers and hums like incantations of an ancient language.

Okay, end of story time. This isn't Wattpad!

Getting back to today's topic, I'm going to try making tiny monster ornaments using yogurt spoons that I've collected over the past few months. I keep telling mom to turn down spoons at the cashier because we never use them (more so now due to the pandemic situation) but she always forgets. So I've got a whole bunch of them in my craft box. Well, at least I get to use them now.

What you'll need:

  • Yogurt spoons

  • Strings

Step 1: Arms

Get your string and knot it on one end and then at intervals as shown in the diagram below.

I'm using the most basic overhand knot. If you don't know what it is, it looks like this:

Step 2: Legs

Similar to Step 1, knot another piece of string to the intervals shown below.

Step 3: Connect The Pieces

Stick the arms and legs onto the yogurt spoon using hot glue or chemifix.

Step 4: Decorate

Now that you are done with the basic body structure, you can decorate it however you like, to create different types of monsters. I've got 6 of them; a jock-o-lantern, a scarecrow, a skeleton, a devil, a mummy, and a witch.

Step 5: Hanger

Finally, you can make little hanging loops and stick them onto the back of the spoon heads.

Aww, look at my pocket-sized monster cult hanging out (quite literally). And you know what? Now that I'm really looking at it, I feel so bad for the scarecrow! Like, why does it look so SAD?

Well, I'll be back with another easy Halloween decoration next week. Till then, do have fun making these tiny monster ornaments!

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