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Here's How I Turn My Doodles into Stickers for Redbubble

Lately, I've been flooding my Instagram with little doodle comics for the MDZS fandom. It's taking everything in me not to go into a monologue about my obsession with Mo Dao Zu Shi (a popular Chinese novel that you should probably read. If you're not a reader you can watch its live action The Untamed, or watch the anime, or read the manhwa, or...yikes, look at me getting carried away. You know what? I could literally write an entire blog post about it. I'm cultivating unreal levels of patience at the moment. Lan Zhan's gonna be so damn proud of me). Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed drawing them and even fell in love with the little doodle characters myself! I mean, just look at how freaking cute this is:

Whenever I posted, I made sure I cropped them out into individual parts and post them along with the full doodle so that the others could get a closeup on the characters as well. This is what eventually gave me the idea of turning my doodles into stickers for Redbubble!

Without further chatter, let's get right to it!

Illustration Software

The software I'm using is Krita, and I'll show you some shortcuts I discovered through the process that saved a lot of time for me.

The Process

Here's the character I'm going to turn into a sticker:

This piece on a whole has 6 layers; character lineart, floor lines, color, shading, text, and speech bubbles. For the sticker, I'll only be needing the character lineart, color, and shading layers. Now, in the usual Krita select and copy-paste, you can only select from one layer at a time. This means you'll have to copy-paste three times (for 3 layers) in order to get the image into a new file. But let me show you a shortcut!

First, select the layers you want from the Layer panel using the Ctrl key. Then press the shortcut Ctrl+G to group the selected layers. Now, when you use the selection tool on the Group layer and you will be selecting from all three layers at once! This way, you don't have to merge the layers (this is what I used to do before discovering the shortcut, lol) to get the job done on a single go.

Next, using the Lasso tool, select the area you want to convert into a sticker and copy it (Ctrl+C).

Then, paste it (Ctrl+V) into a new file and save it as a PNG with a transparent background. You're all done and ready to upload it into Redbubble!

Important Tip

Since you're cropping a small part off of an entire doodle, the resulting image might be of very tiny dimensions. This may cause Redbubble to reject the image or it won't let you expand it due to bad quality. So make sure you scale the image to a larger size before saving it. You can do this by clicking on Image>Scale Image To New Size...

For the pixel dimensions I usually go for 3000x3000. And for the Filter you must use Nearest Neighbor. This ensures the images isn't just dragged into a larger size with a blurry quality.

Shameless Promotion

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And if you'd like to see more of my doodle comics, visit my Instagram @pyxel.kitten

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