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How to Make an Origami Paper Wallet for Kids

Back with a super cute origami activity that your kids would love (well, not just kids, even us 25+ year olds like making cute stuff but that's beside the point). Remember as kids we used to love getting pocket money? Not that we don't love it anymore but you know what I mean. We didn't really have stuff to buy nor did we want to spend our savings. Honestly, my only memory of how my pocket money was spent back then was by my parents taking it back to spend on household stuff. You may say they were tricking me into falsely believing the cash was mine in the first place but heck I felt rich and proud when they came asking for money from me! I still remember the first kids wallet I got. It was this super cute Hello Kitty purse that had loads of pockets! It was trending among kids those days but I wasn't the type of kid that annoyed the hell out of my parents begging and crying for something until they bought it for me. I would, on rare occasions, tell my parents that I wanted something and they'd get it for me if they remembered. And to be honest, I was never disappointed if they forgot. I guess I'm still that way, lol.

In this post, I'll be showing you how you can make your own little paper wallet. It freaking adorable and really easy to make! All you need is a sheet of paper and some glue. No scissors, nothing!

Step 1

Place your sheet of paper in portrait orientation and fold it in half as shown in the figure above to get a crease.

Step 2

Unfold it and fold the upper and lower ends onto the crease you just made in the center.

Step 3

Fold back the upper flap in half and you'll be left with a shape as shown in image 4.

Step 5

Flip it onto the other side so that the smooth face without the folds is facing you. Then fold in the left and right edges. About 1cm would so since they will be acting as glue tabs.

Step 6

Fold it over in half as shown in the figure and stick the edges together.

Step 7

Now fold it in half again making sure that the pocket goes inside and the smooth surface is outside.

Step 8

Finally, add a small clasp to it and you're done.

You can decorate it however you like! Here's mine with a simple origami rabbit:

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I tried to look for my Hello Kitty wallet on Amazon which OBVIOUSLY wasn't there cuz it has been over a decade since I got it. Nonetheless, I did find some cute wallets and thought of sharing them in here. In my opinion, none of them were as fine as my Hello Kitty wallet! *smirk* I'll admit, I may be a little biased but hey it was a two fold wallet that had so many pockets! Pockets = secret compartments = happy mini me :)

Hello Kitty Card Holder Wallet

Hello Kitty Wallet

Hope you enjoyed this post on how to make an origami paper wallet for kids! I'll be back with more of these :)

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