• Nilni Kamburugamuwa

How To Make A Small Top Hat; Miniature Crafts

Without typing a load of bogus like I usually do in the beginning of most of my blog posts, let me get straight to the topic; how to make a mini top hat!

What you'll need:

  • Cardboard / Corrugated paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue

Step 1

Simply cut out the shapes shown below out of your cardboard. The radius of the bigger circle is around 2cm and I cut the smaller circle with a radius of 1.25cm out of it. The rectangular strip has a width of 4cm (this depends on the height of the top hat you want + 1cm for the glue-tabs), and a length that's enough to go around the small circle with glue-tab allowance.

I've opted to use corrugated paper because I wanted to get a rustic look to it since I made this hat for my miniature scarecrow.

Step 2

Roll the rectangular strip into a cylinder that fits the size of the circles, and secure it with some glue. Then, make small cuts along both edges to create glue-tabs. Fold the tabs on one edge inwards, and the other edge outwards.

Step 3

Paste the smaller circle onto the glue-tabs folded inwards. It doesn't matter if your circle turned out to be too big since you can easily trim the excess off after sticking it on.

Step 4

Paste the larger circle onto the glue-tabs folded outwards. That was pretty obvious but I had to type something, no?

TADAAA! We're done! Regardless of the size you're going for, be it a miniature hat or a stage prop, the same steps could be followed. Just make sure the cardboard you're using is sturdy enough to hold it up.

Here's Mr. Scrappers, the miniature Popsicle scarecrow for whom I made the small top hat:

Want to make one too? Well then, checkout this pictorial blog post I made for world build a scarecrow day:

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