• Nilni Kamburugamuwa

New Year, New Room, New Me; Let's Redecorate!

First off, nothing went according to plan for me this month. Heads up, I'm starting this post with one of my mini rant sessions. So I was planning of getting the best out of December, aka the month of Christmas, by making all kinds of decors, ornaments, cards, etc. However, exams happened! Of course, they ended around the 8th of December (with a blast) but the stress and my dismay over it remained. They were pretty much the worst university exams I've had so far, and I've been super anxious about it for the past few weeks. Honestly, can't wait until we get our results because my conscious is killing me right now and the feeling of impending doom is constantly at the back of my mind. So yeah, I couldn't get anything done for my precious little blog.

But wait, that's not the only thing that kept me away. While the first reason was rather depressing, the other reason is something I'm happy about and that's my digital art page on Instagram. I've been uploading loads of portraits and stuff in it and have kinda made my own unique art style. Something that already exists probably inspired me because our brains simply pick on bits and pieces of stuff we've seen somewhere and put them together in our head. At least that's what I've heard. You know it's super cool to figure out how our brains work, but let's not deviate off topic. You can check out my (bottle-neck?) art work on Instagram with the username @pyxel.kitten

My blog account on Instagram has been hella stagnating and it's a rather sad sight to see. So I've jumped back in here to make some content for it! In today's post, we'll be prepping up for the new year. Let's get started!

Importance of Redesigning

I used to love redesigning/ redecorating my room as a kid. I would start off by drawing the layout of my room and placing the furniture in different spots to see how I like it best. Of course, my scales were totally off and I always had to improvise, but it was a fun process.

  • Brain death Don't mind the title, it's just read-bait. Did you know that a monotonous routine can kill your creativity? Doing the same old chores in the same old way, and seeing the same old stuff everyday can be deteriorating to your mental health and vigor. Basically, it makes you lazy and unoriginal. This is why your mom's always nagging you about cleaning and airing out your stuffy room! Slightly changing the positions of objects in your room will bring you out of the monotonous routine that you go about with muscle memory. Having to readjust your actions will make you focus on what you're doing and sort of activate your sleeping brain.

  • Bad moods If you're going through a depressive phase, change can help even if a little. For me, the best solution to getting out of a bad mood is a shower. The refreshed feeling you get is what gets you out of the mood. Just like that, cleaning up your room and redecorating can help you channel out your off mood and give you something more interesting to focus on.

  • Good moods Redesigning = Fun. Decorating your room is a really fun process to experience. In fact, it's more of an aesthetic trend these days. If you go into Pinterest, you would surely see some room makeovers and wall decors that trigger your happy bones. Once you're done redecorating, you'll feeling like you're in a whole new room which is bound to put you in a good and refreshed mood.

  • Asthma Greetings to fellow hoomans with shitty lungs! I'm one of those people who's super allergic to dust so a room that hasn't gone through a deep clean in a while is a big no, no for me. If you're a lazy mushroom who doesn't like cleaning her room, then give it a good redecoration. Kill two birds in one stone! That's a terrible idiom, by the way. Kids, don't kill birds...unless it's chicken. Haha, I'm just kidding!

Let's Redecorate!

There are different levels and ways to redecorate a room. You could either go full on and repaint your room and replace the furniture, or you could simply clean up and up-cycle existing furniture with a few add-ons. Here are some suggestions:


Repainting will give your room a clean and new look. There are a few mishaps that can happen if you're inexperienced like painting yourself into a corner. So it would be better if you could watch a few tutorials and get some tips from room makeover experts on YouTube. If it's your first time, you'll need a few tools, in addition to paint, to get the job done. For instance, a set of paint brushes, rollers, paint tray, etc. Getting these items separately might cost you a bit more so you can get yourself a package from Amazon that includes all of those items as well as foam brushes for details here: Bates Paint Roller Package

While some people repaint the entire room with one shade, it has become a trend to use different shades for different walls. You can even reserve one of the walls for the next suggestion.

Wall art

Doing wall art is an old trend that's coming back to life. Many people draw their own wall art to give their room a personal touch and others simply make use of printable stickers of quotes, butterflies, and other images to decorate the wall. If you've decided to paint your art on, then you can use Acrylic paint for it because it's durable and suits both interior and exterior settings. As for stickers, you can find loads of them that are specifically designed for wall art on Amazon.

Polish or Repaint Furniture

As mentioned previously, you can get rid of old furniture and refurbish your room. But not everyone has the means to do that. So a better idea would be to repaint and polish them. There are many room makeover and up-cycling videos on YouTube where they paint old furniture in white and this completely changes their appearance and makes them look brand new. Once you've repainted them, you must make sure to apply a layer of clear lacquer over it so that the paint doesn't chip off easily.