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Paper Quill Card Designs For Any Occasion

Updated: Jun 16

I promised to show some of my paper quill card designs in one of my previous posts, so here I am! These cards are actually around 3+ years old and I myself am amazed that they have been are rather well preserved.


This was the first card I made so I was extremely careful with it. It was actually a replication of a card I saw online. Love how it turned out so perfectly!

Here's another birthday card I made for kids. Isn't it just super cute?! I think this was my moms favorite out of everything I made.

Gotta admit, this next card didn't turn out how I expected it to...I guess I went overboard with the lettering. But these dolls came out SO good!

Mothers Day

I love this!!! The basket came out so pretty! Making the basket was a rather repetitive task. I cut out strips of white varnish paper and glued them on first vertically and then horizontally. The spots where two varnish layers overlapped came out looking white, and one varnish layer with red looked pink.

Okay, it just occurred to me that I could have simply bought plaid patterned paper to make it. Oh well.

Fathers Day

Not gonna lie, this card got on my nerves a bit. It was kinda hard to get those strips to stay up right. They look crumpled and crooked. The letters became kind of heavy too which made the card look wavy and floppy.

New Year

Another one of my favorite cards! The bright yellow and greens give a good contrast and that's perfect for the New Year vibe.


I made a really elaborate popup Christmas card but it turned out to be too chunky and hard to fold so I made this in a rush as a replacement for it. Doesn't look too bad, eh?


Loved making this since I was in that phase where I wanted to become a witch after reading so many fantasy/paranormal/supernatural books. I should have left out a wider margin when cutting out that rectangle because it became floppy without support.

Used googly eyes on the cat! But its too cute to be scary.


Do people really use condolence cards these days? I mean, in Sri Lanka I have never ever seen these stuff being used.


I actually made a wedding card too. But my class teacher popped it out to give it to my math teacher in wishes for her wedding! Plus, I just noticed I haven't made a Valentines Day card! What?! Why? Honestly, I have no idea.

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