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Popsicle Stick Shapes Activity for Kids

Teaching kids is the easiest thing to do if you use the proper approach for it. The younger the child the better they are at grasping new concepts because they have fresh and empty brains (lol) that aren't already polluted with universal theories. But if you try to teach them through lectures and notes, it'll be the most impossible and useless feat ever! They'll immediately lose interest on what you have to say and get distracted by the more fun things around. So what if the "fun thing around" is your lesson? The best way to teach kids is through interactive learning activities. It ensures better understanding and helps retain it, more solidly, in memory.

In this post, I'll be sharing with you a neat way to teach your kids geometry! The resources needed and the effort you'll have to make for it is minimal so that's a plus.

What you'll need:

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Clothing pins

How It's Done

First, get your kids to sit around a spacious area, preferably a clean floor. This gives them enough space to go overboard with their creativity. Next, hand over a set of popsicle sticks and clothing pins to your kids. It would be perfect if you could find some colorful popsicle sticks because children like bright colors and it helps differentiate better. Once they're all set, you can ask them to clip the sticks together to make as many shapes as possible starting from one popsicle stick, then two, then three, and so on. This will will have them wracking their brains up to come out with solutions which is great for brain development.

In addition to that, you can even show them some shapes and ask them to recreate it using the popsicle sticks.

Artwork by @pyxel.kitten on Instagram

Learning Activity Ideas

Doing the same activity in the same way over an over again is pretty useless and ineffective with time. So you should different ways to spice things up for your kids. For instance, there are several ways in which you can carry out this popsicle stick learning activity. Here are a few:

  • Coming up with shapes using a given number of popsicle sticks

  • Matching shapes with their names

  • Guessing the number of popsicle sticks needed to make a given shape

  • Calculating the number of edges using the popsicle stick shape made

  • Creating new shapes with existing shapes

Added Benefits

Nowadays, it can be tough to keep your kids busy without giving them your smartphone or a video game. Most parents resort to such measures without thinking of the consequences that come in the long run. Activities such as the popsicle stick geometry game can certainly grab your child's attention while educating them without them even realizing it. Since the possibilities are endless, you can expect your child to keep going without wanting to be interrupted. Hence, this is not only a great learning activity for kids but also a good way to keep your kids occupied while you get your chores done!

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