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Squid Game Costumes For Halloween 2021

Squid Game has literally taken over the world and there's not one person that hasn't heard about it one way or another. Oh, but I did have this one movie fanatic friend who had no clue it existed. Yeah, no, don't even ask me how. Let's just move on.

So, the month of Halloween is already here and if you haven't figured out a costume, I've got the perfect options for you. It's not too dressy for those of you that don't like wearing Halloween costumes that are too out-there. But it surely wouldn't be too casual for those that love to put on a show. Squid Game fans, leggo!

The Front Man

I guess it'll be alright if I babble out some spoilers since you wouldn't be here if you hadn't already watched it. Well, up until the moment where the cop gets shot on the cliff I assumed The Front Man was none other than the train-station guy. But once on that cliff I'm pretty sure we all figured out it was in fact the cops brother. Anyways, big man lost his mask on set and you can get it through the link below.

The Front Man Mask

Red Guards

These red guards remind me of the lil Among Us beans. Remember that game we used to play like crazy and then just didn't? Does anyone even play it anymore? I'd love to go at it again to be honest.

Red Guard Masks

The red guard levels in ascending order: Circle, Triangle, Square.


This is my favorite piece of the red guard costume! For some reason it looked really nice when the guys were taking their balaclavas off.

Red Guard Jumpsuit

Red Guard Full Set

This set comes with the jumpsuit, a mask, a belt, and gloves.


The players of the Squid Game were given a peacock blue (one of my favorite colors) track suit to wear. Listed below are the tracksuits of 6 popular players. Unfortunately, these were the only numbers available on Amazon.

Player 456 (Seong Gi-hun)

Player 218 (Cho Sang-woo)

Traitorous bastard. I'll leave it at that.

Player 001 (Old man)

Thanks to spoilers I already knew he was the bad guy before watching the show and that sucks! He did do a damn good job fooling us all.

Player 067 (Kang Sae-byeok)

She's probably my favorite character with her unique looks and all.

Player 240 (Ji-yeong)

Her end scene was the most emotional part for me in the Squid game series.

Player 212 (Han Mi-nyeo)

My god this woman sure got on my nerves throughout the show!


Here are some iconic Squid Game props that you could showoff!


Players were given a honeycomb with the shape they chose and expected to scratch it out using a needle without breaking the shape.


There are many ways to play a game of marbles and in Squid Game different teams chose to play different versions. One of them was the guessing game where one player conceals an odd or even number of marbles which is also the number of marbles he is betting, and the other player will place his own bet and guess if it's odd or even.

Fake Blood

I mean, this show did have an excessive amount of blood flying around.

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