• Nilni Kamburugamuwa

The Most Basic Tools You'll Need to Start Your Own Crafting Business

Are you planning on starting your own crafting business? Of course, you can get started right away with whatever you have at hand. But on the long run, you will start noticing that your work is inefficient and is costing you a lot of time and money that could be saved if you followed a more efficient approach with the use of a few tools and hacks. So in this post I will be presenting to you a list of the most basic tools you'll need to get started!

Cutting mat

A cutting mat is a must-have when working on any kind of craft that requires measuring and usage of cutters. You can easily attain consistency in your work without having to pull out a measuring ruler to check all time, and it helps avoid damaging your work surface when using blades to trim. Your mom would surely love that!

Paper shredder

Paper shredders are useful when it comes to cutting strips of paper for paper quilling. In addition to that, you may have seen a lot of craft businesses stuffing their packages with shredded paper.

Scoring board

Creasing paper is a very menial task. But when it comes to mass production, it can be an annoying and time consuming activity since you have to use a ruler, measure precisely, and draw the crease making sure you don't move the slightest bit. With a scoring board you don't have to use anything else besides the scoring knife. Simply place the paper you want to be creased on the scoring board and drag the knife along one of its many ridges.

Quilling tool

Quilling tools come in various sizes. If your business revolves around paper quilled cards, dolls, earrings, key chains, etc. then having a couple of these tools will make your task much easier.

Crochet hook

The crochet industry is actively expanding. It's not only used for clothes and other household items but also in dream-catchers and other craft products. While there are crochet hooks in a plethora of sizes, the size you need depends on the thickness of thread you're using. Hence, it would be very convenient for you to have several hooks at hand.