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The Most Basic Tools You'll Need to Start Your Own Crafting Business

Are you planning on starting your own crafting business? Of course, you can get started right away with whatever you have at hand. But on the long run, you will start noticing that your work is inefficient and is costing you a lot of time and money that could be saved if you followed a more efficient approach with the use of a few tools and hacks. So in this post I will be presenting to you a list of the most basic tools you'll need to get started!

Cutting mat

A cutting mat is a must-have when working on any kind of craft that requires measuring and usage of cutters. You can easily attain consistency in your work without having to pull out a measuring ruler to check all time, and it helps avoid damaging your work surface when using blades to trim. Your mom would surely love that!

Paper shredder

Paper shredders are useful when it comes to cutting strips of paper for paper quilling. In addition to that, you may have seen a lot of craft businesses stuffing their packages with shredded paper.

Scoring board

Creasing paper is a very menial task. But when it comes to mass production, it can be an annoying and time consuming activity since you have to use a ruler, measure precisely, and draw the crease making sure you don't move the slightest bit. With a scoring board you don't have to use anything else besides the scoring knife. Simply place the paper you want to be creased on the scoring board and drag the knife along one of its many ridges.

Quilling tool

Quilling tools come in various sizes. If your business revolves around paper quilled cards, dolls, earrings, key chains, etc. then having a couple of these tools will make your task much easier.

Crochet hook

The crochet industry is actively expanding. It's not only used for clothes and other household items but also in dream-catchers and other craft products. While there are crochet hooks in a plethora of sizes, the size you need depends on the thickness of thread you're using. Hence, it would be very convenient for you to have several hooks at hand.


Pegboards are used to make perler bead crafts. They come in various shapes and sizes. You can learn more about it in one of my future posts so make sure to keep an eye out for it!

Metal Cutting Dies

Metal cutting dies make everything so much easier! You wont have to spend hours cutting shapes and I personally hate having to do that especially when I want more than a few pieces of similar shapes or a more intricate design.

Die Cutting Machine

Having a die cutting machine can make it super simple and effortless to cut several shapes all at once. This especially comes in handy for mass production. In addition to die cutting, it can also be used for embossing!


Stamps are a trend nowadays. Not just the ones you use to when sealing envelopes with a blob of wax, but also ones for cute little images, letters, numbers, and dates. They are especially used for journal-ling.

Craft storage box

I'll admit, my room used to be a total mess with craft supplies and leftover material (that I didn't want to part with in case I needed them later on) littered around before I started using craft storage boxes. These transparent storage boxes can certainly help you become more organized as your business grows.

Sticker printer

Many businesses now make use of customized stickers in their packaging. And when it comes to crafting, there are so many ways in which stickers are used like when making labels, greeting cards, writing on bullet journals, etc. If you get yourself a sticker printer, you will not only be saving yourself the cost of added value but also be able to print just about any sticker you want!

Recommended Products

Cutting Mat

Size: 12"x18"

Protects work surface

Special finish reseals surface cuts

Double sided

Mini Paper Shredder

Dimensions: 6.1"x3.5"x5.5"

Fits A6 size paper or paper folded to A6 size

Scoring Board

Size: 12"x12"


Used for both scoring and cutting paper

Quilling Tools

Pack of 12 items

Includes 4 quilling needle pens, 5 slotted needle pens, tweezers, and one curling coach

Crochet Hooks

Pack of 72 items

Includes 9 large eye blunt needles, steel yarn sewing needles, 9 rubber handle crochet hooks, 20 knitting stitch markers, 30 aluminum handle crochet hooks, 2 metal stitch holder pins, and 1 knitting gauge


Pack of 14 items

Includes 6 pegboards (size 5.8"x5.8"), 6 ironing paper, and 2 tweezers

Inter-lockable pegboards allow you to create larger designs

Metal Cutting Dies

Pack of 6 dies

Rose, butterfly, flowers, bird, and happy birthday patterns

Die Cutting Machine

Product size: 6.1"x4.33"x3.15"

Plastic plate size: 6.22"x2.99"

For die cutting and embossing

Wooden Journal Stamps

Pack of 70 stamps

Stamp Size: 0.35"x0.35"x1.3"

Made of wood and rubber

Craft Storage Box

Size: 10.5"x7"x12"

4 layers and extendable

2 removable trays

Mini Sticker Printer

Package includes a printer, one sticker paper roll, a USB charging cable, and instruction manual

Ink-free thermal printing

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