• Nilni Kamburugamuwa

The Simple Math To Making A Perfect Scrapbook Hinge

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

If you, my dear reader, have ever tried making your own scrapbook base to dimensions of your liking, you may have realized that scrapbook hinges which fit perfectly are the rarest of occurrences. They are always either too thick or just too thin!

I, being a person who never follows tutorials with precision, have faced this problem several times myself. So I decided to find a formula of sorts that can be used to create the perfect scrapbook hinge for any thickness required.

The Simple Math

** Note that the above formula was made assuming that the height of the flaps is 1cm.

Now that you've calculated the width of paper (or whatever material you've chosen) you will need to make the hinge (A), it's time to discern the distance between the pages.

To make the process more clear, let me show you how it works with an example.

Assume the width of my scrapbooks spine (C) is 6cm, and the number of pages I want (B) is 7.

Then the width of paper I need to make the hinge A = 2x7 + 6 = 20cm.

The distance between the pages E = 6 / (7+1) = 0.75cm.

Hence the creases on my hinge paper will look as follows,

Well, that's about it! With my simple formula, you will ALWAYS get the perfect scrapbook hinge.

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