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6 Mind Blowing Benefits of Crafting!

Updated: Jun 16

A common misconception many people have is that crafting is simply a way for kids and girls to pass time. Of course it IS a great way to spend your leisure time, but is that all it is? Not really! There are so many mind blowing benefits that people can get out of crafting and listed below are just a few of them.

Calm Your Erratic Thoughts

A common problem many people, especially students, face nowadays is the inability to focus their thoughts onto one topic. This is a result of there being so many things that can distract us like the wretched smartphones for example (the Desi mom in me just HAD to put that out). I've personally faced this issue a lot when it comes to studies because, let's admit, studies suck! A great way to calm down your erratic mind is to indulge in crafts. This is because when working on intricate crafts your mind is trained to focus more sharply on what you're doing.

Enhance Your Creativity

Not everyone is born with a creative mind and a talent for crafting. But you sure can enhance those skills by referring to tips given by experts in the field and trying them out yourself. It might be hard at first, but once you've trained your eyes and hands you'll find yourself coming up with really creative ideas and making good judgments on what's best.

If you want to discover some tips that can make you look like a pro crafter, check out my post on How To Become A Pro At Crafting

Drain Your Frustrations

We always find ourselves in frustrating situations where you instantly end up making rash decisions, hurting people's feelings, or even breaking stuff. It's a terrible way to deal with your stress and can ultimately make you feel worse than you started off with. What if I say, 'crafts can help'? That probably sounds absurd. But think of collages. When you're pissed out of your mind, you can snatch some papers and tear them to shreds. It doesn't have to look good; just drain your frustrations onto it. Later on, you can turn those bits of paper into art!

Improve Mental Health

It has been proven that crafting helps alleviate several mental health issues like depression and anxiety. This is probably because it gives you something to focus on and collect your thoughts without dwelling on your unhappy perceptions. With each step you complete, you start feeling a sense of progress and control; like you're putting your life together in a way. So whenever you feel oppressed by depressive feelings, you can try focusing that negative energy on building something beautiful.

Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Our lives have become so busy and stressful that most of us barely have time to enjoy anything with anyone. Even having a night out takes too much preparation, time, and effort. So is there any way for you to spend some leisure time by yourself, your friends, or family? Crafting can be that one little thing that you can enjoy either in the company of your own self or loved ones. It doesn't take too much and just a tiny bit of paper can be turned into an intricate piece of work in no time!

Start Up Your Own Business!

Yes, you can turn your crafts into revenue. There is a big demand for handmade crafts around the world. So it's a great business to start if you want to earn a bit of cash on the go. And thanks to sites like Etsy, reaching out to potential customers is much easier now. Currently, there are several established products that you can easily make and sell online like various accessories, complementary stationary, greeting cards, and more. I have made a list of the best craft business ideas in my post 12 Best DIY Crafts To Sell Online

There's More But I'll Stop For Now

You see now that there are numerous benefits of crafting. Mind you, I've only listed a very few of them and there are so many more. So do take them into account and get your hands into creating crafts to enjoy the perks that tag along.

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