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Traditional DIY Table Mat For Your Christmas Dinner Setting

Will you look at that, it's already Christmas season! The winter chill has infested my neighborhood, leaving me in a constant state of sneezes and a runny nose. But none of that's keeping me from crafting since Christmas is the perfect time for all sorts of gifts and decorations.

Funny story, (not so funny but eh) my mom only recently got to know that I had my own blog and that it was pretty much official with a proper domain and all that. Well now she's super excited about it and is giving me all kinds of craft ideas. Basically, she too was a crazy craft head when she was my age. So this post is made featuring my mom. I'm going to show you how she used to make crafty table mats back when she was a kid.

We all agree that the Christmas Dinner is a festive event where mom's (or the chefs of the house) get to showoff their culinary skills. But as all chefs always say, you first eat through your eyes. Which is why Christmas dinner table decor is a big deal. Now, you could buy a set of normal table mats from a store and be done with it, but you'll be missing out on all the praises you can get for making them yourself. So here's how you can make a traditional Christmas themed table mat with old jeans and bits of colorful cloth!

What you'll need:

  • Old trousers

  • Cloths in Christmas colors

  • Needle and thread (or a sewing machine)

Step 1: Base

Cut any shape you want out of a pair of old trousers. This will act as the base of your mat. I'm going for a nice little 6x5 inch rectangle. To be honest, once I was done with the mat, I realized that working with a circle would have been much easier.

Step 2: Square pieces

Cut equal sized squares out of the cloths you have. Since Christmas is coming up, I decided to go for red, white, and green colors. The size depends on how big you want the triangle petals to be. I've cut mine to 2x2 inch squares.

Step 3: Fold

Fold a square piece into the shape of a triangle as shown in the figure below.

Step 4: Sewing

Now sew the folded triangles onto the base to a pattern you like. Keep doing this until you've covered the entire base and you're done.

We're left with an empty spot in the middle and I won't be covering it up with the same triangle pieces since the sewing lines would show and make it look a bit messy.

Instead I've made a small button like shape using the same cloth and sewn it on.

P.S. my mom's going to make her own Instagram account to display her craft work so it would be awesome if you guys could show some love! Check it out @moms_minimart

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