• Nilni Kamburugamuwa

What Can You Do With Polaroid Pictures?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Polaroid pictures are pretty much an aesthetic trend; even more so now with the Instax Mini camera buzz. On that note, get your own Instax:

But what exactly can you do with them? I saw this question on Quora and realized that when I think of Polaroid pictures I always have an image of a fairy light garland in mind. Surely that's not all they can be used for! So I started brainstorming and trying to find out what else they could be used for.

Listed below are a few answers I discovered.


Scrapbooks are a very popular craft these days so much so that many small businesses have started customizing them. Most often, you can see them including photos as well. So you can use Polaroid pictures when making a scrapbook for a friend or someone you love. It gives more life and a realistic feel to the pages within. Moreover, it looks better than one with just notes and stickers.


Having a journal is a great way to keep track of special events in your life or simply writing down your thoughts. Whenever you write about an experience you had, you can stick on a Polaroid picture of the moment next to it. It may be a night out with friends, or a pretty sunset you captured on your way home. That would not only make your journal look great, but it also helps reminisce the moment better.

Memory boxes

Memory boxes are fun to make. As its name entails, it's a box full of memories. You put all kind of special items in there so that once in a while you can open it up and have a moment of nostalgia. There are several kinds of things you can include in a memory box such as notes, wrappers, trinkets, and of course Polaroid pictures.

Wall Decoration

Polaroid picture murals are a big trend nowadays. It involves pasting loads of pictures on your wall according to a pattern you prefer like a heart, circle, sun, etc. Some people even like to cover the whole wall up with photos to make it look like a wallpaper itself. However, one thing you must keep in mind is that Polaroid pictures can fade with time and that process is quickened if it's always left exposed. Hence it would be better if you can get a digital print of the Polaroid picture and use that for the mural instead.

Photo Albums

You can put together a stack of Polaroid pictures and create a mini photo album. It could be for yourself or for some you love as a birthday present. It's also good to put the Polaroid pictures into an album as that help preserve them better. There are mini photo albums for purchase on various online stores but it would be more fun to make it yourself!